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These are super cute and would be great to give the kiddos before they head out trick-or-treating! You can make them all earlier in the day, cover cling wrap and store in the fridge. Then all you have to do is pop in the oven when you are ready.

Mummy Dogs

6 Ball Park® Beef Hot Dogs

1 crescent roll dough

You’ll want to start first by rolling out your crescent roll dough and using a pizza cutter cutting small strips.

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The next steps are extremely easy you’ll cut each side to create arms and legs and them wrap your crescent roll dough around your dog. You can also leave like it is and just wrap the crescent roll around the dog.

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Spray with baking spray and bake for 15 minutes at 350 degrees.

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Garnish with eyes using mustard or little dices of olives.

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