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We happened to meet up with some friends out in the Sugar Land area to try out Veritas Steak and Seafood on the Houston Restaurant Week menu list. I have to say for 6pm on a Sunday with just a few couples in the restaurant the service was slow and lacking.

We started off with the Calamari $14 (choice of peppers + red onions + marinara or spicy Thai peanut sauce + peanuts). I think a little over priced at $14 but man that spicy peanut sauce is to die for!

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For the First Course we ordered the lamb lollipops (normally $14 on the menu) with spicy hoisin sauce and shrimp bisque ($13 on menu). I forgot to take a final picture of the bisque since they pour it table side. Both dishes where a great start with lots of flavor.

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Second Course we ordered the Red Snapper (topped with crawfish in a Cajun butter sauce and served with grilled vegetables & basmati rice) and 6 oz. Filet Mignon ($35 on regular menu) (with garlic mashed potatoes). On the snapper the dish was wonderful the rice however wasn’t really edible because the finished it off under a warmer and it made the rice hard and crispy. The lemon was rock hard so you couldn’t squeeze it on the fish, which would have been a nice touch, but not a deal breaker. Loved the spice on the fish and the crawfish cajun butter was really good. The filet really was one of the better ones we have had out. I was a little thrown off by the 1 asparagus which looked a little odd on the plate, but overall their steaks are a must try!

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We also added additional sides for the table to share. The Brussel Sprouts with Bacon $10 has now made my hubby’s #2 spot for favorite brussel sprouts. I thought they where good, but not the best I’ve had. As for the Crab Mac & Cheese $19 it’s a little pricy, but OMG is it packed with lump crab and delish. I probably would have licked the bowl if we where not out to dinner with people.

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For the dessert course we both ordered the Chocolate Cake (dolce leche, heath bar & chocolate ganache) I was a little sad the mango panna cotta wasn’t ready yet or they ran out one of the two. The cake was really thinly cut, which was ok since it was so rich.

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Would I come back, yes, but hopefully service is better because their food really is good I would like to try some other dishes.

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