We happened to be down at the zoo today and swung by for a quick lunch before heading back home. Muishi Makirritos was on my watch list since I saw them on Eat Street.


My friend had never eaten at a food truck before so this was exciting for me to show her that they have tons of different flavor trucks on the road.

We ordered a few items to share and try. I have to say the biggest let down was the hot mess fries $7. They ran out of kimchi and had to sub pico de gallo. Not sure how to rate this one ok, but really wanted kimchi. 

IMG_3976 (800x600)

My friend got the Pork Bunz $7 (2 fried or steamed bunz with 24 hour sous vide belly, pickled cucumbers, green onions) She said the buns where a little greasy but the flavor was really good and she would order it again. 

IMG_3974 (800x600)

Kakuni roll $8.50 (24 hour sous vide pork belly, fried shiitake and oyster mushrooms, avocado, cabbage, with creamy cilantro sauce) Loved the texture and the tenderness of the pork belly. The oysters had so much flavor, just order this you won’t be disappointed!

IMG_3978 (800x600)IMG_3979 (600x800)

The Krabby Patty $12 (Katsu soft shell krab, avocado, kani, cabbage, with sweet creamy wasabi sauce) was featured on the show and I knew I had to try this. OMG is it good!

IMG_3980 (800x600)

I would love to try more items from these guys and maybe their kimchi if they don’t run out!

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