Wokker TX Ranger is an Asian BBQ fusion truck. You can find them on Facebook HERE or on Twitter to see where they’ll be. They happened to be out at No Label Brewing and we swung by while in the area. Normally you have to pay to get in to get to the food trucks, but we looked up the food trucks phone number and they texted us a picture of the menu then took our order and brought it to the gate. Super great customer service!

IMG_3497 (450x800)

We ordered the Spicy Ribs $6. I have to say for 2 ribs I don’t really think this was worth it. They where tender, but lacked flavor.

IMG_3494 (800x600)

On the other hand the Brisket Pad Thai $9 is fantastic! I would eat this over and over again.

IMG_3495 (800x600)

The Pork Belly Fried Rice $9 was good, just not as good as the Pad Thai They had a really good flavorful fried rice that out shined the pork belly.

IMG_3496 (800x600)

I’m a little split if I would hunt this truck down again. If they where around I would for sure order the Pad Thai.

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