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Sometimes making drinks and passing them out just for people to ask “what’s this drink called?” is just funny. It never fails in bars that the drinks that taste the best have the dirtiest names, probably just for that reason. I loved this cocktail and will make it all the time.

The Orgasm

(Adapted from The Daily Noff)


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1 part vodka (optional)

1 part Bailey’s

1 part Kahlua

1 part Armaretto

1 part cream (or however much you need to add to fill whatever glass you’re using)


Pour the vodka in first, then Bailey’s, then Kahlua into a cocktail glass over crushed ice. Stir.

Helpful tip: Use only high quality vodka. Cheap vodka can cause the Bailey’s and cream to curdle. Test your brand of vodka by mixing 1 Tsp each of vodka and Bailey’s first.

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