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Last Saturday was the Texas Rice Festival cooking contest and I’m proud to say all 9 dishes I made all placed! I couldn’t be more excited and thrilled at the same time. I’ve taken 2 years off after having extreme nausea from being pregnant to having a baby I finally got back in the saddle this year. I have to admit it was a lot harder without my hubby there to assist me, so I’m glad I was able to get all of my entries done and turned in on time.

We left my house at 5:45am and got to Winnie, Texas about 7am ish. We had our table, stovetop, generator with toaster oven and microwave all set up.


Right before I got my first entry ready to bring in I got a text from my hubby with this picture. I almost cried and knew I had to bring my A game and bring a win home.

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Here’s a quick collections of photos of my dishes:

IMG_7092 (800x533)IMG_7102 (800x533)IMG_7104 (800x533)IMG_7106 (800x533)IMG_7107 (800x533)IMG_7108 (800x533)IMG_7123 (800x533)SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESIMG_7121 (800x533)

After all of our entries where in and we cleaned up we headed over to the festival to see how my photo contest entries came out. I entered 4 pictures and 1 placed 3rd. Can’t win them all, so I’m proud one of them got a ribbon.

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Once judging was over we got the results…..

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me – All 9 dishes placed! 4 1st place, 4 2nd place, 1 3rd place, trophy for most creative and trophy for best presentation.

my dad – 5 1st place, reserve grand champion and a trophy for most unusual

I’m thankful my dad is now in the senior division so I don’t have to compete against him in the adults except for grand champion and the trophies!

Now to work on recipes to enter next year!

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