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As I mentioned before I seem to be saving everything lately. I kept a bunch of bottle caps to make this next craft.

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I washed mine off before starting then painted the insides white. As my little helper Nyssa is showing don’t worry about getting the first layer perfect. It will take about 4 coats to get a nice solid white inside.

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Next using the tip of a paintbrush or a toothpick like we did. Dot on the eyes, nose and mouth on one bottle cap. Make 3 dots for the buttons on the next bottle cap and leave the third one plain. 

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Once they are dried you can hot glue the caps the a ribbon. Make sure you make a loop at the top for it to hang from.

IMG_9767 (800x533)IMG_9768 (800x533)

Once the hot glue dries it’s done! You can add some additional ribbon to make a scarf or you can leave it plain. I liked the simple look of them like this.

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