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We haven’t been to Masraff’s in at least 8 years. It’s one of those places where you have such a great meal you ask yourself why has it been so long since we have been back? I love the feel of their new location, it’s elegant, modern and warm inside.

While we looked over the menu we had 3 different breads to choose from along with some soft butter. I didn’t get a picture because the lighting wasn’t working with me. It is a little dark in there so if you are with someone who has a hard time seeing make sure you have a little flashlight or sit near a window.

We started out with the Crispy Vietnamese Duck Confit Spring Rolls with Szechuan Sauce. This is worth ordering it just melts in your mouth it’s so good. We also got the Garlic Seared Calamari, Oyster Mushrooms with shaved onion, cilantro and soy reduction $16. The attention to detail with this dish is amazing. The flavors work really well together and if we where alone I would have licked the plate to get all that soy reduction. The calamari steaks where nice and meaty and tasted like another type of meat, although we couldn’t put our finger on what it was.

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For the main course I ordered the House Cured Berkshire Pork Chop with Mashed Potatoes $24 (ginger braised red cabbage, pineapple confit, char sue glaze) The pork chop with the pineapple confit was amazing. The only problem I had with the dish is you have to taste everything separate to appreciate it. If you eat a bite of the pork by itself you can tell it’s cured and has a little extra attention to it, otherwise you would just think it’s any other pork chop. D ordered the Certified Angus 11 oz NY Strip Steak $34 (truffled restuffed gold potato, and buttered asparagus)  The steak was drizzled with a soy reduction and it just melts in your mouth. The best combo was taking some of the potato and dipping it in the sauce mmmmm.

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We barely had room for dessert so it’s good they are smaller portions. The best thing about Masraff’s is how inovated they are when it comes to their dishes. Their crème brulee changes with the season, but we had the Butter Roasted Peach Crème Brulee with whole berry sauce $8. The peach compote is on the bottom and then it’s topped with a scoop of the cream which then has a nice bruleed crust on top. I loved this dish! D ordered the Molten Chocolate Eruption with vanilla bean ice cream $8. It was delicious and I loved the vanilla bean ice cream with it. 

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I would go back in a heart beat. The prices are a little high, but worth every penny. If you want to save a little go during Houston Restaurant Week and only pay $35 a person. We saved about $35 by doing this.

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