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iii Forks is located downtown which isn’t a place we get to too often. Since we where headed to a friend’s birthday party down there later that night we decided to take advantage of one of the restaurants on Houston Restaurant Weeks list.

The inside was a little dark, but very well done. I expected the other diners to be dressed up a little more, but some people where in shorts while others in suits.Our waiter was great and very personable. We looked over the menu while he brought out a round of bread and super cold butter which is a pet peeve of mine.

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For the first course I ordered the III Forks Salad $9.95 (our award winning spring mix of mesclun and red oak leaf lettuce, roasted Texas pecans, thinly sliced granny smith apples, tossed in black walnut molasses vinaigrette and topped with blue cheese crumbles) OMG has to be one of the best salad’s I’ve ever had out! This is a must have if you come here. D ordered the Lobster Bisque $10.95 (classic brandy-based cream soup with chunks of whole maine lobster) which was nice and rich and creamy.

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We also ordered Crab Cake St. Francis $15.95. While the sauce was really good and the crab cake was full of crab, I don’t think it’s worth the $15. I would order something different next time.

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For the second course we ordered the Chateaubriand with Shitake Mushroom Bordelaise Sauce $24.95 (medallions cut from whole roasted tenderloins, topped with a shiitake mushroom and red wine shallot reduction, served with whipped potatoes) and Flounder with Crawfish Ancho Chili Beurre Blanc (pan seared and sautéed in white wine cream sauce flavored with ancho chilis, topped with crawfish tails, served over wild rice). Both dishes where really good. They did one thing that I thought was strange, but they come by with a huge platter and ask if you want any tomatoes so that’s why you see it on D’s plate.

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We also ordered a side of mac and cheese, except they brought out crab mac and cheese which was delicious!

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For dessert we got the Chocolate Ganache Cake $8.95 (traditional chocolate cake, layered with rich ganache icing, crusted with toasted coconut and garnished with chocolate shavings and strawberries) and Texas Pecan Cake $8.95 (white cake with shredded sugared pecans and homemade whipped cream frosting, garnished with chopped sugared pecans and caramel sauce). Both where really good, if I was to get another one I would go with the Pecan Cake the Chocolate Cake was good, but a little too rich for me.

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I can’t wait to go back. That salad I’ll be having dreams about for a while! Be sure you sign up for their email list, they will send you a free appetizer via email that’s good for 14 days.

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