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As we where heading back home we stopped at Dee Dee’s Tacos & More for lunch on the way out. We went inside to eat which if you have time do that otherwise you get served faster by calling it in or doing the drive through. I don’t know how many orders came after we came in and all of them got their food before us.

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To top it off they ran out of queso and rice! They gave us chips on the house and offered potatoes or a double serving of refried beans. The salsa is home made and is one of the best ones I’ve ever had! It’s not watery and the spice level is just right. OMG I couldn’t stop eating this.

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D ordered the Patricio’s Fajita Plate $8.99 (2 beef or chicken tacos, rice, beans & guacamole salad). I didn’t see any guacamole and there was not much meat in the taco. The chicken was seasoned nicely, but the beef didn’t have too much flavor. Both meats where tender.

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I ordered the Rebecca’s Enchilada Plate $8.99 (3 enchiladas, rice, beans, 2 tortillas, sour cream and salad). I forgot to take a picture of the tortillas, but you can see them above in D’s tacos. They are home made and taste amazing! My plate was a basic enchilada nothing fancy I liked the sauce they topped it with which is also home made.

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Would I go back? I think so, I like the home made ingredients and they seem to have better pricing for the breakfast tacos and individual items rather then the plates we got. Everyone there was really nice and went out of their way to make sure everything was perfect for you.

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