If you are looking for a simple gift basket stuffer or a party favor, give these hot chocolate spoons a try. There’s really no recipe for them you just use your imagination and create any flavor combo you want.

I started by laying out my spoons. You want to use a cookie sheet with an edge to prop up the handles so the filling is even and won’t slide off.


Melt the butterscotch or chocolate chips in a double boiler and


Fill the spoons and if you want a smooth top lightly tap the spoon on the counter to get all the air bubbles out and smooth out.


For the butterscotch I drizzled some with chocolate and others I placed mini chocolate chips on them.


On the milk chocolate ones I left some plain, topped the others with peppermints and mini marshmallows. Feel free to get creative use candies, coconut or any other combo you can think of.


You can either leave them out to harden or place in the fridge until set.


Once they had hardened you can package them up and just that simple you’re done!


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