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Another busy weekend full of cooking. The state rice festival was Saturday and I toned down the amount of dishes I made this year. One change was that we could see the score sheets and I learned a lot from them. One thing they don’t mention in the rules is they score you on the amount of rice used. While I score high on presentation and flavor, I shot myself in the foot by not making the dish with more rice. Oh well, I’ll be ready for higher scores next year! Here’s how we did overall as well as the recipes:

my dishes-

Rice Filled Cheese Log (Appetizer) 3rd place

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Caesar Pasta Salad (Vegetable or Salad) 3rd place

IMG_5062 [800x600]IMG_5063 [800x600]

Grilled Shrimp with Sweet and Spicy Rice (Main Dish) 2nd place

IMG_5068 [800x600]IMG_5071 [800x600]

Coconut Pudding Cake (Dessert) 3rd place

IMG_5047 [800x600]IMG_5046 [800x600]

Dulce De Leche Rice Sandwich Cookies (Dessert) 1st place

IMG_5028 [800x600]IMG_5034 [800x600]

Chocolate Covered Rice Marshmallows (Miscellaneous) 2nd place

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My parents:

Mom – Steamed Dumplings (Appetizer) 1st place

IMG_5008 [800x600]IMG_5050 [800x600]

Dad – Fried BBQ Rice Burger (Appetizer) 3rd place and trophy for Most Unusual

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Mom – Rice and Zucchini Crostata (Vegetable or Salad) 3rd place

IMG_5020 [800x600]

Dad – Orange Veggie Risotto (Vegetable or Salad) 1st place

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Mom – 3 Seafood Rice (Main Dish) 1st place

IMG_5055 [800x600]

Dad – Poor Man’s Good Eats’ (Main Dish) 2nd place

IMG_5025 [800x600]

Mom – Rice Mousseline with Fresh Fruit Compote (Dessert) 1st place

Dad – Rice Tiramisu (Dessert) 2nd place

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Dad – Tofu Rice Baskets (Miscellaneous) 2nd place

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And of course I didn’t forget about you guys I grabbed some goodies to share with you as well. I have not 1, but 2 packs to giveaway!


For your first MANDATORY entry, tell me which of your favorite way to eat rice. Giveaway ends 10-14-11 at midnight.

Bonus Entries:

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That’s it! You can do as many or as little as you want-it’s all up to you! Good Luck!!

Disclosure: The information and prize pack have been provided by myself.

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