Thought I would share a new popcorn I tasted. I don’t usually buy popcorn we just don’t eat that much of it. I like the popcorn tins at Christmas time that have the original, cheese and caramel. I LOVE the caramel, but the cheese is always way too much, overpowering every taste bud in your mouth. I thought I would give the cheese a chance to win be back haha. I assume you can find this brand at Whole Foods or other stores like that. It was part of a swag bag from our participation at Lucky Dog’s Event. (click HERE for details)

I really liked the subtle flavor and honestly I couldn’t stop eating it! It was so bad my hubby kept catching me in the kitchen grabbing a handful every time I walked in there. Depending on the price I just may have to buy some more of this popcorn.


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