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We’ve been to Wild Wing Cafe a few times since they opened. I love their long menu of choices as well as all the sauce choices. We usually stick to just getting wings, because after all they are a wing place, but this time decided to try something different.

We started out on a bad foot. The waiter was really cocky and rude to us, he rolled his eyes when we had to flag him down to get a refill on our drinks. The other couple with us left him no tip with a comment saying he had a bad attitude. I find it annoying when you are a waiter or waitress who relies on tips and you treat people like they are a waste of time. I used to be a waitress a while back. You don’t know who’s who and just by making someone’s day they surprise you with a big tip. Ok enough of my ranting on to the food.

They offer coupons every once in a while you can find them. I haven’t signed up on their website since we don’t got there that often anymore so I’m not 100% sure if they send you any kind of free items.

D and I ordered the No Bones About It Sampler $19.99 (8 nuggets, 6 chicken feathers and 6 chicken fingers) The waiter told us we can choose a sauce for each, cool no problem. Then we get the platter and the chicken fingers have no sauce! After flagging him down again he informs us “oh yeah they come in original and spicy, but you don’t get sauce”. WTC thanks for the selection and letting me decide what I want. Then he said sorry I’ll bring you the sauce you wanted in a dipper if that’s ok. Sure no problem. We got the bill and he charged us 25 cents for the sauce!!! So annoyed!!

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Needless to say I don’t mind their wings they are good, but beware of these platters. I’ll go back but I won’t be sitting in this Daniel’s section!

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