I love hosting a party and love even more when I do something that can stand out and make the occasion more memorable by the details that catch someone’s eye. I have 2 of those ideas to share today while you’re finishing up your menu planning for next week.

First up is an easy idea for dinner rolls. I‘ve been assigned my grandmother’s task of dinner rolls since she’s passed away, which I’m glad because I love working with dough just as much as she did. (Click HERE to find her recipe.) The trick is to make sure you have a platter to fit your design on before you bake your dough. I made this mistake last year and had to serve them from the cookie sheet!

Be sure to leave a little space between the rolls as they need to rest and rise one more time before heading to the oven. So simple to do and you can make whatever design you want: pumpkin, turkey, etc. If you want to get extra fancy add some food coloring to your butter and paint the feather’s different colors. For the eyes I used 2 cloves.



Now everyone’s favorite part – dessert!! If you’re family is like mine you have at least 4 pies to choose from. I like to make little mini pies so you don’t look like a pig while trying out all the desserts. (Plus no one sees you pop one of these little guys in your mouth as you’re “passing through the room”.)


For the pumpkin pie ones I used  a cookie cutter to shape the pie dough as a pumpkin. Super cute!!!



Then all you do is set them out on a platter and there’s no need to worry about slicing up a pie!


Check in Friday to see my super moist and super easy turkey recipe! Yummm

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