Thank you to everyone for their well wishes for this past weekends local rice cookoff!! It came in handy because I wasn’t 100% sure how I would do when I turned in all my dishes. The weather was near 90 degrees and melting my dessert which almost had me in a melt down under the time crunch to get the entry in. The catch with this contest is there’s a limit of 2 entries per person and they only award 1 first place per household. Pros and cons on my feelings about that, but I won’t get into that.

Soooo, I entered my Parmesan Rice Salad with Rice Caesar Dressing. I added rice and crispy back into the Parmesan crisp ring and then added rice in the dressing. Hubby actually said he didn’t know there was rice in there when I first experimented with the dish. It’s one of my favorite and most simple creations, I just love it. It landed me 1st place, a ribbon, $75 and a huge basket!!! I was also told this dish had the highest score out of all the dishes entered in the contest. (Insert happy dance!!)

My second entry was Chocolate Coconut Rice Eclairs. I added rice to the eclair dough and made a coconut rice custard filling, then drizzled on some chocolate and toasted coconut on top. I got 2nd place, a ribbon and $50 so no complaining here!

Hubby did a fantastic job too. (He would kill me if I posted his picture so don’t tell him!) He made a Spinach Bowl Filled with Flavored Rice Topped with Grilled Shrimp. The flavored rice was cooked in chicken broth and garlic, then had olives and sun dried tomatoes stirred in. He won 2nd place including a ribbon and $50.

My dad was also there. (We are a family of competitive people!) I proud of him because he won 1st place with his main dish. It was really yummy too!!

Here’s the room at a local restaurant where the contest was held.

And I know you’re dieing to see what’s in the big basket!!

Special thank you to all the sponsors and the chamber for hosting the contest!!!

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