I promised myself I wouldn’t enter another contest with a voting because I hate to beg people. So I’m soo sorry to do this…..but I want to win the mixer for my mom. She’s been dieing to get one so I figure it’ll be the perfect Christmas gift.
This seemed too good to pass up and I encourage you to enter if you want. They’re picking the top 8 recipes by peoples votes. Click here for contest info.

It only takes a second to do. Click the link below and under my recipe there is “How good does this recipe look to you?” with hearts next to it. Please click on all 5 hearts.

I have some catching up to do to make it to the top 8 so by November 9th so vote vote vote.

Creamy Pumpkin Pasta With a Kick

I extend a BIG THANK YOU for taking the time to vote for me!
***EDIT: It seems you have to sign up (Make sure you click skip when it ask you about your email contacts.) then go to the home page click Thanksgiving Contest on the far left side of the page. Click the “current standings” written in green. Go to page 2 and my 2 recipes are at the bottom of that. If you don’t want to sign up I totally understand. If anything put in a fake name 😉

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