This is an easy recipe that can be adjust to fit whatever flavor combination comes to mind. My friend Laura gave me the original recipe which I used for a bridal shower and have been hooked ever since. The original recipe used regular plain instant tea (which keep in mind brown tea + lemonade equals a funky color). This version uses raspberry tea which gives it a really nice pink color. It’s a unique combination that’s refreshing and keeps your guest trying to figure out what you added to it. Try using different flavors of instant tea each time to change it up. Alcohol can also easily be added to the recipe as well or top off your glass with a shot of Sprite or 7UP for added fizz.

Raspberry Lemon Almond Tea

1 can frozen lemonade
3 tablespoons instant wild raspberry tea
1 tablespoon almond extract

Combine lemonade per direction on can. Stir in instant tea and almond extract, refrigerate. Best if made at least one day ahead of time. Garnish with lemon wedges frozen in ice cube.

Lemon Wedge Ice Cubes

Use ice cube trays and place one lemon wedge, or any slice of fruit, per ice square, fill with water and freeze.

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